Neruda said that

the moon lives in the lining of your skin, but


no one ever saw what the rays of sunshine,

the first light of day,

does with it and the way it tangles

around our bodies.

I like you raw,

in the morning,

and the way your green soul

your green eyes

make me


I never sleep

with drawers or

furniture doors


I’m afraid that

parts of my soul

linger on the clothes

that already have the shape

of my body.

What if

parts of me



I always felt that saturday mornings were for those who have their lives put together. Saturday mornings were made for those who make pancakes for breakfast for their happy functional families, for those who wake up with their lovers, for those who have plans and whose house doesn’t need cleaning..It was made for people who are excited about saturday nights with their friends. It was made for people that need a break from their lovely jobs.

Saturday mornings weren’t made for people like me.

I woke up in the middle of the night and

I knew it was foggy outside because

My  wardrobe door was open and

My demons were unleashed.

Worries of a future

Guilties from the past.

It feeds them,

Holding the spell they cast.

The devil kissed my shoulder and

kept me awake.

That night dawn never came.

As our lips meet, my thoughts vanish from my mind, I go absolutely blank. I was thirsty for your lips, like a lost explorer on an uncharted desert finally reaching the oasis of life. The softness and the tenderness of the kiss reminds me why I can’t stay away from you for a moment. There’s calm in my head but a storm in my body. I hug you and I don’t ever want to let you go. As I try to bring my hands to up to your head they suddently stop. I softly slide the straps of your dress to the side and feel it sliding down your body. The kiss intensifies as I feel your near naked body here… at the palms of my hands.

I saw that dimple again when you realized I was wearing that black lingerie you liked. Black with lacetop stockings.  I could feel you harden. I took of your shirt and we kissed viciously, your tongue cool as ice.

I was aware of every move and yet my mind was hazy.


Dressing like that, you embody my every fantasy, I want to undress you slowly, your body is my God given gift and I’ll explore every corner of it.


You were teasing me with your fingertips – running down from my lips to my neck, my shoulder, my breasts, my belly, my hips, down, down. Shivering, I softly kissed your collarbone and your shoulder. Desire steaming out of every pore of our bodies. Your breath became faster and shallower.


I want you, I want you now – I whisper, softly running my lips through you ear, my body erupts.

“Satiate my thirst, my everlasting desire, stop this burning inside” – All of it ran into my thought, dramatizing my every movement, trying to be the poet I could never be, but I could only kiss you, feverously, desperately.

I took your hand and biting your lip gently I walked you into the bedroom, pushing you onto the bed. With my legs around your neck you stood over, untying my laces ever so patiently, looking me in the eyes. God you were sexy.

You were always my shy intellectual girl, but you transformed into such an exotic woman, almost like an alter-ego of yourself.

As I take the laces, you know what makes me tick, removing your bra, Ah – I run my hands up your body instantly, grabbing you I softly touch your belly with my lips, moving up, I go through your breasts - what a sinful desire – I kiss them, I lick them, I softly blow a warm breath… you are looking down at me with a half smile, half lip bite, and a ever so sinful look on you.

Smiling you whispered – Roll over

I did, I layed on my belly.

- Wha…ooh. – A soft moan slipped through my lips as you placed kisses on my back.

I run my hand through the inside of your thigh, your moan echoes through the room. A touch is enough to see that you want me as much as I want you. I roll you over again, I kiss you passionately, while I explore every secret of you. I leave your lips, I need all of you now, going down, down, down…  With precision, with hunger… I bite the inside of your leg, your soft moaning and heavy breathing makes me pulsate…  I can’t hold it anymore…

That night, up there in the dark sky stars died and stars were born.

The Gods stood there, watching the true expression of love unfold

My mouth tasted of you and your mouth tasted of me. God you tasted like heaven.

I’m lost in lust. I’ll make you mine, I’ll show you how much I love you tonight.

Anger thrusts, thrusts of love, teasing thrusts, brutal thrusts. We’d stop from time to time, and then begin again. At some point I lost track of where I ended and were you begun.

Endless positions, neverending moaning, music to my ears and the way you clenched or bited the pillow, your nails carving a surrealist painting on my back, even the clashing of my hand colliding with your buttcheeks, it all fuels me, I am tireless. Tonight you are my Aphrodite and I am your Adonis.

I was sitting on your lap. We were face to face, sweat running down our back. I was in the winter of my life, and there you were, my Indian summer.

- I love you – I said

You smiled.

- That was all I needed to hear.

A tear ran down your face. Lonely. Yet happy.

All of my life I’ve been waiting for those words, for them to be reciprocate. You filled me with joy, scaring my ghost away, leaving this loneliness behind. You brought the fulfillment to my emptiness and for that I am ever so grateful. Be mine forever and I’ll be yours forever as you are my one true love.


I was feeling my body starting to wake. Even though the sun shone through the window and the birds sung happily, I felt cold. I kept my eyes shut. I knew what was coming.

Having no place to hide in my mind, I had to open my eyes just to realize you weren’t there, like I knew you would. I guess I had too much wine last night, my red dress was somewhere on the floor - I hadn’t used it the last 40 years. I kept it as a reminder of you and the night we never had.

I visited your grave, like I did every Sunday morning. I sat there, reading poems wishing we had done it more often. My voice grew tired and I stopped.  

- I wish you knew I loved you. I wish I had told you this. I wish that night was real.

I felt old and pathetic.

But then the wind blew. You knew.

Of course last night happened inside your head my love, but why on earth should that mean that it was not real?

The phone rang. It was you.

- Wanna come over for a movie?

That’s how it would start.

- Sure, got anything to drink?

- Just some beer.

- Alright, I’ll bring wine.

I was there in fifteen minutes.

You opened the door, I went right into the kitchen to get the glasses. You grabbed me gently by the waist, from behind, and gave me a soft kiss on the shoulder.

No, I thought, not yet.

I broke away from your grip and poured wine for the both of us. We sat on the couch and small talked.

You had Madrugada playing’ and I knew you had been waiting all day because your ashtray was full.

You kept on talking eloquently. You had done this many times before with other women, I knew that.

They all sat there, with their short skirts and their flanks flashing whenever they crossed their legs. They would laugh at your jokes and they would be mesmerized by your stories.

Part of me felt stupid, part of me didn’t gave a damn.I knew what you were after.

Only you didn’t knew what I was after.

I’ve been waiting all day for you. I longed you all day. Lustful thoughts pulsating in my mind that no other addiction could satisfy.

You wore that dress I like… How did I let you seduce me like this?

In my every word I try to be passionate, that’s my charm, I charm you by the soul and mind.

As you take a sip of red wine, I watch in detail, the wine makes your lips blush, there’s a subtle lick you do, running your tongue throught the lips like you are tasting the sweetness of the grapes. Just another clip for my night fantasies.

- God, I feel like I’ve been talking forever. Aren’t you tired of hearing me?

You smile and reply:

- Of course not, I love hearing you talk.

I laugh - Do you?

- Don’t they all? - You oppose, looking away from me taking another sip.

- You are different.

- You have already told me that, but what makes me so special?

I lean to you and take the glass of your hands, I look at you and I pull out my best cards, I had to have you, you had to be mine, so I begin:

- Because I love you, the others might have heard my stories, the same you heard, but they never had those words. If that doesn’t say everything i don’t know what else would. If the Universe would be at the palm of my hands I would bring you the stars and the moon to light up your nights, I would stop time so that every moment with you would be eternal… Just kiss me and you’ll see.

My heart skipped a beat and I felt the heat taking control of my legs and arms. Was it you or the wine? It didn’t quite matter because I was sober when your eyes got me drunk.

- Can we dance one more time? - I asked, my voice trembled.

You were already on your feet. You had that smile on your lips, that smile that makes a little dimple on your cheek. It was a predator smile.

Like a moth I was drawn to your flame, so I took your hand as the next music on the playlist began. In my head I hear Ella Fitzgerald - My funny valentine.

The next song begins. I hear the intro trumpet of Michael Bublé – My funny valentine.

I take your hand, leading you into my arms again. Slowly we begin to move, I run my hand through your shoulder, sliding my fingertip through the open back of your dress. You are so warm. The palms of my hands reach your lower back and I can feel your goosebumps. I smile, full with happiness of what the moment is also meaning to you. You softly shake it and I feel you taking a deep breath and you cuddle your head in my chest, can you hear my heart beating?

Your body was warm and oh - so close to mine, your hands were on my waist, my arms around your neck. Our hearts beating as one.

You looked me in the eyes and stripped me of my pride. Soon enough you’d strip me of my dress. I knew that. I wanted that.

Every nerve of my body was aching for yours and you got so close I could notice your tiny freckles.

Then you kissed me.

End of Part I.

QuestionYour post "Strangers in the night" is lovely. You could have been describing me. It's scary to relate so closely to a person you've never met before. But it's also so intensely comforting, knowing there are people just like you. I think we are all far more similar than we care to admit. Answer

That was one of the sweetest reactions I have ever had since I started this tumblr! I’m really glad to know that :) I do relate with what you said and how you felt. I feel the same with those I follow on tumblr. We often forget that we are not alone and that other people are not some weird heartless creatures. You made my day :) I wish you all the best! Keep on rocking that tumblr :D

There is a dangerous place on this side of town.

It doesn’t have an address nor a reference point, so you can’t find it.

Instead it finds you, and there is no escape.

You will feel it coming by the thick mist and the smell – it smells different from person to person. Mine smells of orange blossom, freshly cut grass and a perfume I can’t really tell. 

You’re never alone on this side of town, there are eyes spying on you. There are voices whispering behind the walls, there are ghosts and memories. Good and bad. Angry, misunderstood, confused. There is fear and regret, but also joy and a feeling of longing.

Yesterday I found that place, it didn’t found me. Yesterday I took the time and I painted those decrepit walls, I planted trees and flowers, I told stories to those eyes and voices. We toasted, laughed and cried. We mostly laughed.
I built a bridge so I could visit that side of town whenever I want to and to let it visit me, with no fears nor regrets. I accepted that place and I let it be. It let me be.

I called it home. I gave it my name.

QuestionYou ought to write more. Hope to see more of your work on my dash :) Answer

Oooh I’m feeling so pampered! Thank you so so much! And to think I’ve been ‘hiding’ all this time :p keep up the great work yourself!!

I’ve been sleeping with a stranger.

Don’t give me that look, you’ve been doing it too.

She’s as average as it gets:  dark brown hair, pale complex, dark brown eyes, small nose and ordinary lips. Her existential dread started to become part of her physical complex at age 10. You can tell by the way she bows her head sometimes.

She reads Bukowsky, she wears black eyeliner. I once heard her cry at night. She hides behind sarcasm and laughter, and uses her wits as shield.

She’s patient and kind too. You’d like her.

But she’s as average as it gets. If she walked down the street I don’t think you’d notice her.

She’s hard to figure out.

Every night I sleep with a stranger.

I’ve been doing it for 23 years and I think I started to fall in love with her.

She’s mine.

She’s me.