When it rains on this side of town

the cold drops fall to rhythm of Simon and Garfunkel.

And for moments the city stands still

listening to the

Sound of Silence.

This will be a more personal post.

My little page just hit 100 followers (shoutout to victorymovement for being the 100th :p) and I want to thank every single one of you  who liked, shared and read the little pieces of me that I have been posting since the first day I joined Tumblr. 

100 followers (friends, I prefer the term ‘friends’ rather than ‘followers) may not mean much to some of you, but to me it is a big deal. It means that there are at least 100 people out there that somehow can relate to me and with my experiences and feelings, and it makes the world a less lonely place.

I love every single one of you that I follow, and even though I don’t reblog I try to read as much as I can of what you post and leave a little bit of my heart there with you. I also have learned a lot from all of you guys, I really look up to you. This feels like a little family here :)

You guys are awesome and I don’t know how to thank you for making my day, everyday!

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Nickname: Monique, Manoca (I’m Mónica, hi!)
Birthday: September 26, 1990 
Gender: Female 
Sexuality: I’m pretty confortable with it, thank you for asking :p

Height: 1,75 m

Timezone: West (Lisbon/London)

OTPs: The hole thing between Draco and Harry, sexay! Ahaha seriously, I’m not sure I have one :p

Last Web Search: I was looking into online sweet potato recipes (and horror game walkthroughs on youtube :p)

First Word that Comes to Mind: Telmo (my boyfriend, cheesy I know :3)

Last Thing I Said to a Family Member: "Sweet dreams!".

One Place That Makes Me Happy + Why: That will be S. Pedro de Moel beach in Portugal (just google it). It’s not only because of the beach itself (the sand, the sea, the salty breeze, the sun). There is some sort of aura around that place that makes me really feel at peace with myself and at the world. I call it “the place where the world begins”.

Favorite Beverage: Red red wiiiiine :D (stay close to meeeeee #lameUB40singingattempt). Also natural apple and orange juice.

Last Movie I Watched in Theaters: Hercules

Three Things I Can’t Live Without: Chocolate, countryside, a comb.

Something I Plan to Learn: Tango (well, how to dance in general without poking people’s eyes out) and Spanish.

Advice: If you’re going through hell, keep going (Winston Churchill)

A Song You Have to Listen To: Tove Lo - Habits

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Autumn is poetry without words,

and the wind already started writing the first verbs.

(Photo by me)

Sometimes at dusk

I hit the town

and the gas pedal.

I like to see the city falling asleep.

I have all the car windows open

so I can let in last breath

of a dying Summer.

I also have the music blasting

so loud

that the frantic guitars become one with

my heartbeat.

And it whispers…

Neruda said that

the moon lives in the lining of your skin, but


no one ever saw what the rays of sunshine,

the first light of day,

does with it and the way it tangles

around our bodies.

I like you raw,

in the morning,

and the way your green soul

your green eyes

make me


I never sleep

with drawers or

furniture doors


I’m afraid that

parts of my soul

linger on the clothes

that already have the shape

of my body.

What if

parts of me



I always felt that saturday mornings were for those who have their lives put together. Saturday mornings were made for those who make pancakes for breakfast for their happy functional families, for those who wake up with their lovers, for those who have plans and whose house doesn’t need cleaning..It was made for people who are excited about saturday nights with their friends. It was made for people that need a break from their lovely jobs.

Saturday mornings weren’t made for people like me.

I woke up in the middle of the night and

I knew it was foggy outside because

My  wardrobe door was open and

My demons were unleashed.

Worries of a future

Guilties from the past.

It feeds them,

Holding the spell they cast.

The devil kissed my shoulder and

kept me awake.

That night dawn never came.